Musicians wishing to become members must first audition, preferably on a Grade 6 work. If the audition is passed, the new member is placed on a 6-month probationary period and should perform with the band at all scheduled rehearsals, concerts, and parades. Minimum age for becoming a member is 15. 


After completing the probationary period, the new member is voted into the band as a permanent member. For college students, the probationary period can be extended to compensate for the time they are away at school.


Members are expected to maintain their musical skill at levels acceptable to their peers and the conductor. If a piece requires additional individual practice, or if marching practice is necessary, members are expected to put in this extra effort. In addition, the Conductor is the sole judge with regard to musical performance - there should be no question concerning the chair an individual is assigned to or the part(s) an individual is asked to play/not play.


All members, including probationary members, are responsible for being present at rehearsals, concerts, and parades. If a member has to miss a band function, they should inform their section leader or the personnel manager. And because it reflects directly on the band, members and probationary members are expected to conduct themselves appropriately and with good judgement at all band functions.


On a rotating basis, members are assigned to help in the setup/teardown of chairs and music stands in the rehearsal space. These assignments are scheduled well in advance and occur only once or twice a year. All members are also encouraged to attend the once-a-month 'business of the band' meetings, which take place after rehearsal. At some point, members may be asked to serve on special committees or assist in projects for the good of the band.


After completion of a successful probationary period, new members are issued a standard band uniform consisting of pants/skirt, concert jacket & tie, and marching shirt, tie, hat, & belt. Substitute players and probationary members should contact the equipment manager or their section leader for uniform information.

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